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The value of an educated board

The Governance Institute supports the efforts of healthcare boards across the nation – to lead stronger organizations and build healthier communities.

We partner with organizations to improve governance efficiency and effective decision-making by providing trusted, independent information, tools, and resources to their board members, executives, and physician leaders.

Let us show you.


Why choose us


Proven experience

For over 30 years, The Governance Institute has been the industry leader in driving board development.


Comprehensive education

The Governance Institute provides a comprehensive approach to board education and development through multiple modes of learning.


Networking with the best

The Governance Institute provides shared intelligence from industry thought leaders and the nation’s largest member network focused on healthcare governance and strategy.


A targeted approach

The Governance Institute pinpoints what is most important to an organization by co-creating an intentional development plan geared toward better governance and performance.


Raising the bar

With the nation’s largest healthcare governance benchmark, you’ll gain transparency into how your board compares to peers across the nation.

What's included

By sharing best practices and education, benchmarking board performance, and prompting open dialogue, The Governance Institute filters what matters most to your organization to help your board innovate and accelerate your organization’s future.

Publications, resources, and governance tools

Networking events and conferences

Interactive e-learning courses

Benchmarked assessments

Research requests

Join the nation’s largest network focused specifically on healthcare governance and board improvement.