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Trends Report: 2020 Healthcare Consumer Trends Report

Today’s healthcare systems face challenges on all fronts.

Just as mounting costs have made volumes more important than ever, consumers’ appetite for convenience has steered them toward nontraditional providers. A once-in-a-generation demographic shift has upended the accepted models of customer engagement. Consumers’ expectations are rising at a pace that nearly outstrips providers’ ability to satisfy them.

Daunting as these challenges can seem, they also represent opportunities—and forward-thinking organizations may yet learn how to seize them. Early adopters of a consumer-driven model of care will be well-rewarded by their differentiated position in the marketplace.

To reconcile the blistering pace of modern consumer culture with the rigorous strictures of clinical care, health systems should start by understanding exactly who these customers are—both as patients and as consumers.

NRC Health’s 2020 Consumer Trends Report explores some of the broader influences on healthcare consumers’ decisions. Drawing upon more than two million patient comments gained from feedback surveys, and insights from more than 310,000 respondents in 300 markets from NRC Health’s Market Insights database, it uncovers:

  • What healthcare customers are asking for
  • How customer expectations shift across demographics
  • Where health systems should focus their efforts in order to maximize their impact
  • Actionable insights from prominent healthcare leaders for operationalizing the journey toward consumerism