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Healthcare 2020: Trends and predictions

Consumer expectations are growing and research proves they are demanding more from their healthcare providers. An exploration of healthcare’s customers must begin with understanding them both as patients and as consumers. That’s why, for the first time, this year’s 2020 Healthcare Consumer Trends Report drew from two voluminous datasets: 2+ million patient comments drawn from feedback surveys, and 310,000 responses from NRC Health’s Market Insights database. NRC Health patient feedback and consumer survey data suggests that patients don’t just want excellent care, they want excellent service, too. They now expect care delivered with less friction, more convenience, and choice. The bedrock purpose of the healthcare industry remains a spirit of service for the customer – and those organizations that understand the customer will be the ones best equipped to fulfill it. During this webinar we will discuss key findings from our research, and share how your organization can prepare for a more frictionless care experience in 2020.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the key trends identified in our research, including insights on how customer expectations shift across demographics
  • Discover specific healthcare brands that are triumphing in the advancement of a frictionless patient experience
  • Hear what healthcare leaders are doing today to prepare for 2020 in their journey toward consumerism