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Case Study: A master-class in rapid innovation

When COVID-19 struck, OrthoNebraska suddenly faced an urgent need for telehealth services. To deploy remote delivery, however, the leadership team had to make difficult
decisions about usability, experience design, and patient recruitment—all in a matter of weeks.
With the help of NRC Health’s Real-time Feedback and Transparency solutions, however, OrthoNebraska’s leaders were able to confidently develop, deploy, and test their telehealth approach. This included:

  • Designing a front-end web presence to effectively guide patients to telehealth services
  • Dramatically reducing wait-times with a digital onboarding process
  • Effectively triaging patient populations to select the best candidates for telehealth
  • Assembling a customized implementation of telehealth delivery, which met the organization’s needs better than any out-of-the-box solution

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