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MD Anderson uses Transparency to empower consumer choice, gain physician buy-in, and focus on improvement

In a recent study, consumers indicated that having “Patient Ratings and Reviews of Doctors” is the #1 thing that they find helpful on hospital websites. This begs the question: is YOUR healthcare organization providing transparency to your current and future consumers?

View the On Demand webinar below to learn why MD Anderson chose to be transparent with their consumers and how they implemented transparency throughout their organization. Discover how key stakeholders worked together to improve the patient experience while promoting consumer trust.

Leslie Kian, Project Director – Quality Measurement, will share lessons MD Anderson learned during implementation and how your organization can join the transparency movement today.


  • Describe the three phase approach to getting started on the Transparency solution
  • Define how internal sharing of patient feedback can change the way care is delivered, improve the patient experience, and drive patient loyalty.
  • Identify how embracing consumer focused transparency can increase engagement.