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The latest news from NRC Health: December 21, 2023

Highlights from our December 21, 2023 email newsletter.

Enhance the quality of care and rediscover the joy in your work

Human Understanding is not at odds with the pressures of contemporary healthcare delivery. Let NRC Health and Doctor Mike show you how treating patients as unique people can be fuel for the soul of busy clinicians. In this live webcast we’ll explore the transformative impact of placing human connection at the forefront of healthcare practice and show you how empathy and connection are going to lead the revolution in healthcare interactions.

Navigating patient experiences and individual needs

Becker’s Healthcare Podcast featuring NRC Health

Our latest podcast features Evan Sheaff, AVP Customer Strategy at NRC Health, and Cheryl Marker, Owner and Illustrator of Dear Chronic Pain. Learn the major themes in research related to treating individuals as unique in healthcare settings and much more.

How the Human Understanding Metric + strategy boosts NPS

Unprecedented increases in NPS: Powerful, realistic, strategies for human connection

Being treated as unique is the #1 driver of Net Promoter Score. Watch our most recent webcast featuring Gundersen Health System and M Health Fairview to take a look at results from their case study and see the strategies that delivered incredible increases in their Net Promoter Scores.

The 2024 Pediatric Collaborative is back and better than ever!

Featuring topics like AI and tech, safe environments for employees, the complexities of care access, and so much more, the 2024 Pediatric Collaborative will have something for everyone. Plus register for our webcast to uncover how you can support the transition from pediatric to adult healthcare.

Congratulations to our 2023 Emerging Leaders Program graduates!

These NRC Health associates explored their interest in people leadership over the last few months gaining skills and training as they took part in the NRC Health Emerging Leaders program. We’re proud they’re a part of our team!

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