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How physician-approved transparency is changing the game for OU Health Physicians

In today’s consumer-driven healthcare economy, transparency is necessary to remain competitive. OU Health Physicians knows this well.

Find out how OU Health Physicians revolutionized its practice and secured the top spot in SEO by publishing over 115,000 verified ratings—248 per doctor—in just two years.

Holly Adams, Executive Director of Clinical Services, and Lynn Mitchell, MD, Chief Medical Officer, will share their best practices for going transparent and discuss how OU Health Physicians has further elevated patient experience during its second year of transparency.

Plus, hear from top-rated OU Health Physicians Ryan Biggers, M.D., with over 2,000 online ratings posted, on why he and his colleagues bought into transparency, and the impact it’s had on his practice!

 Discover how OU Health Physicians:

  • Implemented a physician-approved transparency program that has been live for over two years and continues to be led by their Transparency Advisory Group, the TAG.
  • Improved from the 71st percentile to top decile, nationally, in Overall Rating of Provider and Physician Communication Quality.
  • Took ownership of its online reputation, resulting in increased SEO, website traffic, and patient acquisition
  • Is preparing to take the next steps in its transparency journey to reputation monitoring, STAR cards, and more