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The SCOOP: Involving family in care during a pandemic and beyond


This webinar describes a simple but structured process (the SCOOP) that PIH Health developed to help maximize family involvement when restrictions are in place in their perioperative area. The SCOOP ensures three-way communication among nurses, patients, and families during discharge or transfer. Nurses can involve patients’ families during discharge or transfer using a hands-free audio communication badge or secure video calls to allow 3-way communication. This same method can be used beyond the pandemic and also in inpatients units when patients family are unable to be present at the bedside for discharge teaching.

The acronym SCOOP stands for:

  • S – Seek permission from the patient to call their family
  • C – Call the family member using hands-free audio communication badge or secure video calls introduce yourself using AIDET
  • O – Opportunity for RN to provide discharge teaching or educate next steps on the floor
  • O – Opportunity for patient and family to ask RN questions
  • P – Prepare for exit