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Transparency, Social Media and Reputation Management: New Age Positioning

Healthcare marketing as we know it has been completely revolutionized. Even in long term care, seniors and their family members are increasingly taking to the internet to research your organization—and your competitor’s—before making a decision. Optimally managing your online footprint has become the key to census and marketing success.

AristaCare Health Services has made online marketing a key focus. Through this focus, they have seen growth in census and online star ratings (number of ratings AND average rating), and they have improved their patient satisfaction scores.

Renee Pruzansky, CEO of AristaCare Health Services, shares the proven strategies and implementation techniques they used to effectively position themselves online in today’s consumer-driven economy.


  • Understand the factors that impact your organization’s reputation and patient/resident placement decisions
  • Identify tactics that will help you effectively manage your social media footprint and online reputation
  • Gain quick tips for managing the internal changes necessary to focus on improving your online marketing presence (hint: suggested budgets, workflows, etc.)

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