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The value of consumer voices

Get access to essential intelligence around four must-know facts about your customer. The better you know the people you care for, the greater your ability will be to design experiences that inspire their loyalty and create Human Understanding. Market Insights takes you inside the opinions and attitudes of today’s consumers—in your market and around the country.


What is the Market Insights solution

The NRC Health Market Insights solution is the largest online healthcare-consumer perception survey in the U.S., measuring the opinions, behaviors, and profiles of more than 300,000 consumers annually. Through the Market Insights solution, you will obtain vital healthcare-consumer data and information that will uncover key insights and strategies to help improve your organization’s performance.


  • Measure brand value and build brand equity
  • Realize advertising efficacy and evaluate recall
  • Understand consumer preferences and patient perceptions
  • Optimize your marketing spend
  • Tailor research to understand your consumers in greater depth
  • Engage advisors for strategic support and up-to-date industry expertise

How does the Market Insights solution work

How-it-works - Market Insights



Largest of its kind

Market Insights is the largest consumer database of its kind in the US, giving you access to the opinions of more than 300,000 healthcare consumers in nearly 300 markets.


The insights you want

Evaluate the needs, wants, and behaviors of communities through real-time competitive assessments and enhanced segmentation tools.


When you want them

As a Market Insights member, you’ll have access to on-demand tools to better understand your target audience and gauge consumer response to communications.


Add depth

Market Insights research allows you to know your consumers better than ever before.


Confidence in decisions

Market Insights provides insight and answers to validate and optimize your marketing strategy.