First-of-its-kind patient experience EHR integration

First-of-its-kind patient experience EHR integration

MyView helps healthcare teams provide personalized care to their patients by summarizing what matters most to each patient based on the information they share before, during, and after their healthcare interactions. The most relevant patient information collected through NRC Health’s Experience capabilities is condensed into a single page view, which is automatically integrated into an existing EHR.

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How it works

How it works

  • EHR integration available for most major health systems
    • Context: Patient preferences, expectations, pressures, and determinants
    • Risks: Patient-reported concerns for continuing care
    • Past Experiences: Key information from previous visits
  • Zero clicks for care teams including office staff, nurses, physicians
  • Summary review takes just 15 seconds
  • Highlights new info for each care team member

Deepen your understanding with MyStory

Deepen your understanding with MyStory

Health systems wanting a deeper understanding of the individuals they serve can implement MyStory and pull patient-generated contextual data into MyView. MyStory is is based on proven communication science and makes it easy for patients to share essential information that helps the care team create personalized interactions.

How it works

How it works

Patient is invited to share what matters

Patient is invited to share what matters to them via appointment reminders, e-check-ins, the patient portal, and QR codes

Preferences, goals, and expectations

Preferences, goals, and expectations are summarized through NRC Health’s MyView and integrated into the EHR

Access to patient-driven content

With access to patient-driven context, care teams create a unique, personal connection

MyStory can be updated

MyStory can be updated by the patient as their health needs and expectations evolve

What our partners are saying

“Thank you for offering these questions with room to write responses. It has helped me gather my thoughts before my visit with a health care professional. Don’t know how you could improve this website. It has it all.”
– Patient

“I think this is exactly what has been missing. It gives you a sense of the person which is what is missing from the patient-provider interaction.”
– RN, inpatient

“I am very optimistic and open to learning what I need to do to improve my overall health. I know that by getting healthy again I will be empowered.”
– Patient

“This was an excellent experience and I appreciate being invited to share who I am!”
– Patient

“The patients are pleased that I know so much about them from the start, and I’m grateful to have insight into who they are and what their goals are.”
– MD, Heart Center

“I like that it is thought provoking and helps with communication. It was really nice to fill this out ahead of the visit when I was free! Otherwise, while in the room holding/entertaining a baby it’s hard to remember everything I wanted to talk about.”
– Patient

We bring


to healthcare.

We bring understanding to healthcare.

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