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Align provider and patient quality views to co-produce positive health outcomes.

The cost of providing care is outpacing increases in patient revenue. Much of this cost can be attributed to the over 133 million Americans managing chronic diseases and conditions. At the same time, healthy consumers are seeking ways to remain healthy. And many, who feel a strong responsibility for their own care, are looking for a partner to achieve health and wellness goals.

Meeting the increased consumer demand for a partnership-approach to care and wellness requires looking at outcomes in a different way.

Source:  NRC Health data collected for large, metro, general medical/surgical hospital (500+ bed)

Here's how

Achieve positive co-produced health outcomes.

Our Customer Intelligence Platform provides your customer’s view of quality.
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Efficiently reduce readmissions and ensure safe transitions.

Our Care Transitions program leverages technology to reach patients discharged home, triaging those at high risk.
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Maximize CAHPS reimbursements and fulfill accreditations requirements.

Don’t simply meet requirements, but improve – with a focus on what matters most. Learn more →