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12 Powerful Differentiators that Drive Healthcare-system Loyalty

Recent NRC Health Market Insights data shows that 12 major differentiators drive top-of-mind awareness to set hospitals apart from their competition. Data also shows that 85% of those surveyed (out of 290,000 consumers) say that a hospital’s reputation is important/very important.

Additionally, 40% of consumers feel that a strong reputation sets a facility apart from its competitors. Finally, 37% of consumers say that a strong reputation and brand help drive their loyalty toward a hospital or health system.

“The single best way to drive healthcare system loyalty is to listen to your customers and community,” says Helen Hrdy, Chief Growth Officer at NRC Health. “If you want to drive growth, use patient ratings to amplify why you’re the best choice for care, and then personalize your care by understanding what matters most to each patient. Consumers have choices. When you treat every patient as a unique person, you can build trust and exceed expectations for consumers you want to reach.”

A growing number of consumers do not prefer the healthcare system with the best image/reputation in their market—that number is up 7% from 2017 to 2020. This rise in no preference is part of a more significant trend and could indicate that consumers are increasingly feeling that all healthcare is the same.

Still, targeted marketing that demonstrates a distinct and strong market reputation will be critical in setting a health system apart from others and driving loyalty.

“Transforming services by listening to what consumers want will win in the long run,” Hrdy says. “Organizations that lead with empathy and Human Understanding will always be in the forefront.”

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