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NRC Health hosts several award programs that recognize healthcare organizations across the continuum.

Excellence Award

NRC Health annually selects clients based on their achievement within categories that patients have defined as being most important to the quality of their care. The award is given at the annual Annual NRC Health Symposium.

Excellence in Human Understanding Award

The Human Understanding award is a nominated award, presented to an individual, department, or organization that has performed an exemplary act of Human Understanding or instituted a process that now exhibits Human Understanding where it did not exist before in the customer-care experience.

Consumer Loyalty Award

Consumer Loyalty Award winners are identified by results from our nationally syndicated Market Insights study, which surveyed more than 310,000 households across the country. To qualify, each organization had to garner at least 150 top-of-mind mentions from the survey.

Customer Approved & Employee Approved Awards

NRC Health wants to help senior-care organizations forge those all-important connections with their customers. That’s why we’ve taken these steps to make our award program legible—and meaningful—to the senior-living customer base.