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Our associates are united by this purpose, and the opportunity it brings each day to improve the lives of others.

We feel a deep sense of ownership and responsibility for the data, insights, and counsel we provide our partners. We take a holistic view, bring rigor to our analysis, and help you focus on the essential.

Living our brand: five principles


We’re guided by purpose

Everything we do must reinforce our promise of enabling human understanding. We believe understanding is fundamental to the delivery of exceptional healthcare experiences.


We think outside in

We’re proud of our empathetic heritage. It guides everything we do. We view the world from the perspective of others, and empower each other to do what’s best for our partners.


We see the big picture

We serve our partners holistically and leverage the breadth of what NRC Health has to offer. We continually develop ways to bring more immediacy and resonance to our products and expertise.


We bring clarity

Clarity is integral to understanding. Clear and transparent data, insight, and thought are among the greatest assets we offer our partners.


We are trusted

We operate with integrity. We approach every partner’s business as our own and can be counted on to anticipate needs and respond quickly.