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Einstein Healthcare Network uses patient feedback to improve HCAHPS scores

Despite the institutional knowledge and the cachet that comes from providing quality healthcare for 155 years, Einstein Healthcare Network was still encountering problems common to health systems throughout the country. From low buy-in with initiatives, inconsistent survey methodologies leading to insufficient data, and difficulty keeping pace with shifting consumer desires, the organization needed to find a way past the barriers preventing the stellar performance scores leadership knew they were capable of.

To reintroduce the importance of building patient confidence and trust to create awareness, ownership, and accountability, this organization of more than 8,700 employees turned to NRC Health. With NRC’s robust data-collection capabilities, Einstein Healthcare Network was able to develop a four-pronged approach to improving the patient experience, demonstrating the organization’s excellence, and serving their patients with compassion. 

Read the full case study to learn how Einstein Healthcare Network used patient feedback to improve its HCAHPS scores.