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NRC Health announces winner of 2021 Excellence in Human Understanding award

NRC Health, the leading provider of in-depth customer insights in healthcare, today named Stephanie Schwarzenbach, Manager of ICU at Loma Linda University Medical Center – Murietta, the winner of its second-annual Excellence in Human Understanding Award.

The Excellence in Human Understanding Award was created in 2020 to honor individuals that have a complete comprehension of a customers’ preferences, needs, and behaviors—resulting in overall improved care experiences. This award recognizes Schwarzenbach for her distinctive contributions to healthcare, entrenching Human Understanding in the Loma Linda UMC health community.

In the short time since Schwarzenbach was appointed to her leadership position as Manager of ICU, she has put an immediate emphasis on culture within the care team at Loma Linda to have an impact on their patients. In one example of her emphasis on compassion, when a John Doe with life-threatening injuries came to the ICU, Schwarzenbach was persistent with the local police department to help identify him and find his family. Once John Doe became well enough to awaken, she spent quality time at his bedside learning more about him and sharing with him how he ended up in Loma Linda UMC.

“Stephanie is a true example of what it means to lead with compassion and Human Understanding each and every day and even in the face of a crisis,” said Helen Hrdy, Chief Growth Officer, NRC Health. “Stephanie has demonstrated that she truly understands what matters most to each patient she serves and is relentless in treating patients with the same care and respect that everyone deserves during their healthcare journey. We are delighted to honor her with this award for outstanding contributions to patient care.”

Schwarzenbach inspired her team to act with Human Understanding by leading with empathy and compassion in times of health crisis. When John Doe wanted to thank all of the people who helped save his life, Schwarzenbach sprang into action to bring together John Doe’s entire care team following his recovery – EMS and fire department first responders, police responders, emergency room nurses, cath lab and intensive care units – so that he could do so.

“This award means a great deal to me,” said Schwarzenbach. “I would like to thank NRC Health and my industry peers for this honor, as well as the incredible team at Loma Linda for this nomination. I couldn’t be prouder to work alongside this group of talented individuals and look forward to continuing the work we do every day to make an impact on our patients.”

Schwarzenbach’s win was officially announced on Wednesday, August 4 during an awards ceremony at the 27th Annual NRC Health Symposium in Nashville. Attendees were also given the choice to attend virtually. More information about NRC Health’s 2021 award winners can be found here.