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NRC Health empowers partners to make genuine connections and share fresh ideas

“How can we better learn collectively?” This is the question that led to NRC Health’s collaborative offerings.

In answer, NRC Health’s collaboratives created opportunities for the organization’s partners to connect, learn something new, and leave inspired to make a positive change. The launch of offerings like a monthly hour-long roundtable coincided with COVID protocols at a time when everyone was embracing virtual connections and learning.

“It’s been really great to see the collective NRC community support and learn from each other,” says Christa Peters, NRC Health’s Collaboratives Director. “I’ve had the privilege of meeting a lot of partners through this work. Our partners use us not just because they like our solutions; I find they like what we stand for and what we believe matters most in healthcare. These connections have helped our partners meet other partners and strengthen their effectiveness in Human Understanding.”

Each event (whether virtual or in person) features data and insights from our database to highlight the tactics that are working well for healthcare systems nationwide. Peters says it’s been an eye-opening way for healthcare systems to come together quickly and explain to one another what they are currently working on.

“It’s another way the healthcare community has come together and shown they have more camaraderie than they do competition,” she says. “When we bring people together from so many different regions, everyone bands together to learn how different groups solve issues. Many healthcare partners don’t want to brag about their successes, but we ask our partners to share ideas because it could help another group across the nation help more people.”

For example, a group of highly competitive hospital systems in the Twin Cities were able to come together to pay for a vaccination campaign to show their care for their community. In turn, that inspired a conversation among partners in Charlotte about doing something similar.

“To have that kind of effect on breaking down barriers on a national level is exciting,” Peters says.

Expanding on a Foundation

To build on the foundation they’ve established, NRC Health continues to enhance connections and find new ways to help shape conversations about how a positive impact can be made in healthcare.

“The whole world has been talking about and focusing on what we can’t do,” Peters says. “This type of networking allows our partners to be an empowered workforce to help deliver on what we can do for our collective communities.”

While virtual events helped NRC Health meet its mission to connect, learn, and inspire, new opportunities are opening up this year for partners to meet in person to do the same. Peters says she knows travel can be a burden in the healthcare space, so NRC Health plans various events around the country to visit its partners and bring events to regional areas.

2022 Collaborative

NRC Health Regional Summit in Houston
Join healthcare leaders for a facilitated discussion centering on the trends shaping the healthcare industry today.
11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. CT, March 1, 2022
InterContinental Houston-Medical Center, 6750 Main Street, Houston, Texas 77030
Learn more and register here

NRC Health Regional Summit in Greensboro
Join healthcare leaders for a facilitated discussion centering on Human Understanding.
11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST, April 27, 2022
Greensboro Marriott Downtown, 304 N. Greene Street, Greensboro, NC 27401
Learn more and register here

Don’t Miss Out: Additional NRC Health Regional Summits are planned for Philadelphia on May 12, Chicago on June 8, and Q3 and Q4 events are currently being planned. Stay tuned to the Events portion of our website for more information.

We Need You! If you have innovative topics you’d like to discuss, can highlight creative ways your organization is helping solve healthcare issues, or would like to recommend a compelling speaker for an event, please contact Christa Peters.