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NRC Health’s Team Digest offers custom engagement tools for key stakeholders

As healthcare leaders face challenges with competing priorities and time constraints, NRC Health has launched an easy-to-use tool, Team Digest, offering insights that leaders can use to inspire teams and execute improvement efforts. 

Team Digest emerges from the necessity to enhance engagement and recognize the need to consolidate diverse metrics into a single, customizable platform to share meaningful data and stories with frontline teams. With the ability to personalize messages, specify recipients, and filter data according to relevant team or location, this tool offers a comprehensive solution for disseminating vital information efficiently. 

The flexibility of Team Digest becomes apparent through various use cases, such as its use by administrative teams or in unit-level setups. Whether providing insights on key metrics, offering comparisons against benchmarks, or highlighting specific initiatives, the tool ensures that recipients remain informed and engaged. By placing data directly into the hands of those who need it most, regardless of their level of direct involvement in patient encounters, Team Digest revolutionizes accessibility and transparency within organizations. 

We know that you need to be able to look at some of that data at a high level in one place, on the go, and potentially push it to people who don’t have the opportunity to log in and check reports themselves,” says Andie Westling, Product Manager at NRC Health. “So we created Team Digest, a tool that allows you to be flexible, choose what content is relevant to your recipients, customize it, and add opportunities to put in your own notes or details and make them all available in one place. This is a report you can email to anyone in your organization that allows them to see what they care about most.” 

Key Benefits of Team Digest 

  • Enhanced Engagement: By providing relevant and personalized information to team members, Team Digest fosters greater engagement with key metrics and initiatives, ensuring everyone remains informed and involved. 
  • Efficient Communication: With the ability to consolidate diverse metrics into a single customizable  view, Team Digest streamlines communication processes, saving time and reducing the need for multiple reports and updates. 
  • Customization and Flexibility: Organizations can tailor the content of Team Digest to suit the unique preferences and needs of different teams or locations, ensuring that recipients receive the most relevant information for their roles. 
  • Improved Performance Tracking: By offering insights into key performance metrics, comparisons against benchmarks, and progress on specific initiatives, Team Digest enables teams to track their performance effectively and identify areas for improvement. 
  • Empowerment and Transparency: By making data readily accessible to all team members, including those who may not be directly involved in patient care, Team Digest promotes transparency and empowers individuals to understand their impact on organizational goals. 

For Shawna Grissom, MS, CCLS, CEIM, CPXP, Director of Family Services and Patient Family Experience at Children’s Hospital Colorado, Team Digest allows her to support teams within her organization with personalized reports based on their individual units and areas of focus.  

“The best part is that it’s easy. It’s really easy, this tool,” Grissom says. “Before using Team Digest, I kept trying to figure out which reports were the right combination for each leader. I really was hoping that they would just open and engage with their reports each month. But we have found the trick with Team Digest, because it’s now really easy. It’s one compact report with high-level data that gives our leaders a snapshot of their individual units’ performance. They can then share that report with their entire staff for a quick overview, or they can actually use it as a guide to understand where they need to dive deeper in their unit.” 

Grissom says her teams have their new targets, so as they dive into Q2, she’ll add focus areas to Team Digest so she can make suggestions to those leaders to pay close attention to for improvement.  

“Often, if you’re sending out a subscription or sending out data, leaders may interpret that in their own way and maybe go down a bunch of different paths other than what the data is actually saying,” she says. “So I can look at it and direct them down the path of what the data’s actually saying through those focus areas. That is tremendous.” 

Westling says Team Digest uses natural language processing to decide what falls into the category  of compliments—all-positive feedback or opportunities. Feedback may have positive components, neutral components, or truly negative components, but she says that NRC Health wanted to make sure there was a category just for positive recognition, to provide organizations with the flexibility to isolate that feedback for specific purposes. “For a particular group, we might only want to see the positive pieces,” she says. “Maybe for leaders we want positive comments, plus some areas where we could improve.’ 

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