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The latest news from NRC Health: January 25, 2024

Highlights from our January 25, 2024 email newsletter.

What's driving experience in 2024?

NRC Health data shows there is a clear path for turning Detractors into your biggest Promoters. Uncover the mystery behind these misunderstood stakeholders and be among the first to access the insights and trends informing the future of healthcare by joining the authors of the 2024 Experience Perspective for a LIVE webcast on February 13. Register today to make the most informed decisions for 2024 and beyond.

Kick off the new season of the Patient No Longer podcast with Dr. Mike

Patient No Longer is back and NRC Health is excited to welcome Dr. Mike! In this episode he joins our host, Ryan Donohue, to discuss the power of digital media, trust in healthcare, the future of surgeries and biopsies, why ChatGPT can’t replace human bonding, and the role of a doctor’s selfies online.

Workshop preview: Navigating the complexities of pediatric care access

The 2024 Pediatric Collaborative is drawing closer! Get a sneak peak of our opening workshop where NRC Health’s Toya Gorley and Ryan Donohue explore touchpoints and barriers along the access continuum. And make sure to register soon—space is limited!

Igniting a better patient experience featuring Dr. Mike


Did you miss our webcast with Dr. Mike this week? Be sure to check it out on-demand to hear him highlight the transformative impact of Human Understanding, address burnout in the healthcare industry, share his 5 tips for connecting with new patients, and so much more.

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