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The latest news from NRC Health: November 30, 2023

Highlights from our November 30, 2023 email newsletter.

How two leading health systems leverage Human Understanding® to increase Net Promoter Scores

Being treated as unique is the #1 driver of Net Promoter Score. If you’re looking to increase patient loyalty, join our live webcast Thursday, December 14, at 2:00 PM CT, to see how Gundersen Health System and M Health Fairview created a culture shift and drove a full adoption of realistic strategies that prioritize unique human connections and health equity.
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Reserve your spot at the 2024 Pediatric Collaborative!

You are invited to join NRC Health and Children’s Hospital Colorado for the 2024 Pediatric Collaborative! This inspiring event will show you how you can improve the lives of every unique patient and family you serve, but don’t wait—capacity is limited.

NRC Health's HUB24 event

Share your story at Human Understanding Beyond | HUB24

NRC Health is looking for presentations to inspire healthcare leaders and innovators at HUB24 in San Diego. If you’re focused on community engagement, consumer experience, employee experience, or patient experience, check out the options we have available to share your story.

How the Human Understanding Metric + strategy boosts NPS

Looking for real world strategies to increase your Net Promotor Score?

If you haven’t read our latest case study featuring Gundersen Health System and M Health Fairview, you’re missing out. Dive into the full report and then join us on LinkedIn to share your thoughts.

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