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The latest news from NRC Health: March 7, 2024

Highlights from our March 7, 2024 email newsletter.

Insights from a healthcare "Mad Men" marketing exec

Jason Brown, CEO and Chief Strategy Officer of BPD, one of the top full-service hospital marketing agencies in the country, joins the Patient No Longer podcast to underscore the changing dynamics in healthcare. Listen to Patient No Longer wherever you get your podcasts, or check us out on YouTube.

Drive engagement


Utilizing NRC Health's Team Digest to drive engagement

Featuring Children’s Hospital Colorado

Take a deeper look at NRC Health’s Team Digest tool and learn to share meaningful data and stories with frontline staff. We’ll walk you through use cases for a variety of teams and let Children’s Hospital Colorado share their own journey toward integrating Team Digest into their patient experience work.

NPS growth

NPS growth and employee engagement: The power of thoughtful communication

Leaders from Children’s Minnesota recently joined an NRC Health webcast to discuss their new case study and share their journey to boost their NPS by improving parental involvement.

CAHPS Insider

CAHPS Insider highlights important CMS updates

Read this month’s CAHPS Insider to get insights and updates on effective compliance.

Toya Gorley, Insights and Trends


Insights and trends for 2024

Join us at the 2024 Pediatric Collaborative to take an exclusive deep dive into NRC Health’s 2024 Pediatric Experience Perspective. Led by Toya Gorley, NRC Health’s Improvement Advisor, this powerful presentation will highlight take a look at co-designing care, accountability, and so much more.

New Orleans

Join the movement at our regional summits!

NRC Health extends a big “thank you” to everyone who participated in our regional summit in New Orleans. Connect with us on LinkedIn to see who was there and be sure to stay on the lookout for a regional summit near you!

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