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The latest news from NRC Health: May 16, 2024

Highlights from our May 16, 2024 email newsletter.

Bridging gaps in healthcare

Bridging gaps, boosting care: The UCI Health communication breakthrough

Thanks to an ambitious nurse-provider rounding pilot program aimed at enhancing communication, UCI Health improved their patient-experience scores, increased their Net Promoter Score, and started building lasting loyalty—in just four months.

NRC Health's Ryan Donohue

Igniting Human Understanding: Ryan Donohue

After stops at Cartoon Network and Sports Illustrated, Ryan Donohue sought to challenge himself in healthcare. Now with NRC Health, his consumer-focused background is informing the ways we think about the care journey.

Podcast with Linsey Stitt Germak & Ashley Nelson

Hospitality Meets Healthcare: Elevating Patient Experiences

Listen now and hear actionable strategies for translating the hospitality mindset into ways to foster genuine connections with patients, and discover how to implement service standards that enhance the patient experience.

NRC Health's HUB24 event

Don't miss HUB24's early-bird pricing!

NRC Health invites you to join us for Human Understanding Beyond | HUB24 in sunny San Diego, California! Register by June 14 for early-bird pricing, and get dynamic programming focused on bringing impact to the people you serve.

NRC Health Pediatric Collaborative event

Be a mirror: Elevate experience and transform healthcare interactions

People get thousands of messages a day from brands trying to shout over one another, but without a lens of empathy, there’s no differentiation for consumers. Check out highlights from this Pediatric Collaborative presentation and find ways to connect with the people you’re reaching out to.

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