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The latest news from NRC Health: August 10, 2023

Highlights from our August 10, 2023 email newsletter.

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HUB23 is finally here! Follow along on LinkedIn as we post updates from the patient experience event of the year. Check out what’s happening →

Highlights from day one of Human Understanding Beyond | HUB23

See how we kicked off the first day of HUB23 and stay connected to view what’s on the leading edge of human-centered care experiences.

NRC Health celebrates its 2023 award winners

NRC Health recognized recipients of the 2023 Consumer Loyalty Awards and the Excellence in Patient Experience Awards at HUB23. Take a look at who they are and how they were selected.

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Couldn't make it to HUB23? We've got you covered.

Check out other upcoming events including our regional summits in Nashville and New York to understand the vital role Human Understanding plays in transforming brands and defining the patient experience.

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