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28th Annual Symposium Highlights Human Understanding—Connecting Through Stories

We were pleased to host some of healthcare’s most important leaders during the 28th Annual NRC Health Symposium in Seattle. The Symposium jumpstarted the Human Understanding™ movement, with energy and ideas inspiring attendees to transform healthcare for everyone.

Attendees from high-performing organizations listened to remarkable international speakers, with healthcare leaders helping us understand what matters to patients beyond clinical encounters. From the principles of mass customization in healthcare to creating customer loyalty that endures, maximizing the impact of every customer touchpoint, and returning to the joy of caregiving, Symposium topics energized, inspired, and stirred participants to make lasting change. 

Melinda Nunez, Virtua Medical Group’s Practice Manager, Urgent Care, said the stories she listened to, the leadership in attendance, and the connections she made at the Symposium were invaluable. Jennifer McClean, Mercy Health’s Vice President of Patient Experience, agreed. 

“It’s been an opportunity to learn from health systems that have it figured out and understand we are all on a common journey,” McClean said. “The collective opportunity to work with one another and solve for those issues as an industry is important. And we get to see our NRC partners face-to-face, which we haven’t had the opportunity to do in a while, so it’s been wonderful to plan for our future.” 

Thanks to all the caregiving leaders and innovators from across the country who made the NRC Health Symposium a success! We are excited about the future of healthcare and the leaders who are paving the way forward with Human Understanding to transform the industry. It’s a movement that’s creating better care experiences everywhere. 

View all the Symposium highlights and save the date for NRC Health’s 29th Annual Symposium in Boston in 2023! If you are interested in speaking at 2023’s Symposium, send us your pitch by November 30th for consideration.