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Brand promotion does not necessarily equate to patient loyalty

Below is a preview of an article published August 27, 2018 on FierceHealthcare.

Being part of a big-name provider brand doesn’t necessarily inspire loyalty among patients, according to a new survey.

NRC Health polled 300,000 patients for its annual Consumer Loyalty Award list. They found that patients don’t necessarily seek out large health networks or systems and will stick with a provider that has proven to offer a positive experience regardless of the size of its brand.

Of the awarded hospitals, 90% are part of larger systems, but just 40% of polled consumers said they consider whether a hospital is part of a bigger network when seeking care.

Brian Wynne, vice president and general manager at NRC Health, told FierceHealthcare that the hospitals or health systems that ranked highest were doing more to connect with patients outside the traditional care journey—through community projects, for example—which patients value more than a brand name.

“These are two-way interactions and being intentional about that is something healthcare has largely not invested a lot of time into,” Wynne said.

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