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Innovating to drive Human Understanding

Innovating to drive Human Understanding

Each moment in a patient’s journey is an integral part of their overall experience. Treating each patient as unique is not only a powerful factor in the market and clinical setting, but it’s also the number-one driver of Net Promoter Score. 

Healthcare Tech Outlook recently highlighted NRC Health as a Top Patient Experience Improvement Company of 2023 for changing perceptions around patient experience by emphasizing the importance of building relationships and recognizing the positive aspects of patient feedback. NRC Health achieves this goal by empowering leading healthcare systems to establish long-term relationships with every patient instead of relying on one-time insights. 

“We help health organizations look beyond the case setting and consider the entirety of a patient’s life,” says Dr. Gregory Makoul, NRC Health’s Chief Transformation Officer. “Our goal is to improve the experience and delivery of care with a programmatic approach that prioritizes Human Understanding.” 

This personalized approach is made possible through cutting-edge technology and data analysis. NRC Health’s research-intensive background and commitment to continuous learning, improvement, and collaboration help the healthcare industry make great strides by focusing on digital channels and becoming the go-to partner for organizations seeking to provide a holistic, human-centered patient experience with quality relationships and outcomes they can be proud of for years to come. 

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