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NRC Health’s sponsorship of 2023 ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference inspires bold conversations

The 2023 ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference, held on May 17 in Omaha, informs, and inspires women to explore the bold conversations emerging in the business world today. These conversations—while at times uncomfortable—can also be refreshing and lead to personal leadership growth, a better understanding of the needs of others, and transformational development for teams and organizations.

NRC Health, a proud sponsor of the 30th annual conference, is committed to bringing to light inspiring ideas to help women advance in their workplaces, personal lives, careers, and communities. Helen Hrdy, Chief Growth Officer, NRC Health serves on the ICAN board of directors.

The conference brings expert speakers together who will highlight new insights and introduce forward-thinking perspectives that will encourage attendees to participate fully in future conversations confidently and courageously—and have the fortitude to lead these conversations back in their workplaces and communities with greater collective impact.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Tunde Oyeneyin, Peloton Instructor, Fitness Star, and Founder of SPEAK
  • Lara Abrash, Incoming Chair of the Board, Deloitte, US
  • Stefani Grant, Senior Manager of External Affairs and Sustainability, Unilever
  • Dr. Chika Stacy Oriuwa, Physician, DEI Advocate in Healthcare
  • Frances Haugen, Data Engineer and Scientist, Advocate for Accountability and Transparency in Social Media
  • Jeffery Tobias Halter, Gender Strategist and Author
  • AmyK Hutchens, Author and Master Communicator
  • Selena Rezvani, Women’s Leadership Speaker and Culture Disruptor

Breakout sessions cover topics such as health equity and reducing stigmas in women’s health, sustainability in fashion, male allyship of women, and the use of social media to amplify conversations, make connections, and increase outcomes around a cause.

NRC Health has long supported this exceptional leadership event that you won’t want to miss!

For more information, visit the ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference.