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The value of now: In-the-moment patient feedback

The era of healthcare consumerism is putting tremendous pressure on providers to accurately prioritize their improvement efforts, act on emerging trends, and perform real-time service recovery. To do so, organizations need a responsive patient feedback system designed to supply insights within days or even hours of the care experience—and patients want their voices heard. In fact, 44% of patients say they want to provide feedback after every care experience.

So why are healthcare organizations still struggling to find adequate sample sizes and data they can use?

Research shows the vast majority of patients want to provide feedback a few hours to a few days after a care event and prefer filling out surveys of 10 questions or fewer. Traditional feedback modalities with their long surveys and outdated delivery systems aren’t keeping pace with modern demands.

NRC Health’s patient feedback capability connects with 100 percent of your patients or residents immediately after their experience – via email, SMS (text), or phone (IVR). Thanks to natural language processing of open-ended questions, you’ll be able to ask fewer, more targeted questions to increase participation, and deliver rich insights which align with your initiatives.