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What Patients Want Providers to Know About “Medical History”

Interactions with patients are becoming more and more time-compressed as volumes increase. Accordingly, understanding what patients are hoping to get out of their visit ahead of time, and adopting a few simple behaviors to meet those expectations, can help improve the patient experience in the hospital or clinic. Improvements in communication will always strengthen the clinician-patient relationship—but they require going beyond a brief chart review or clinical conversation, to get at what patients really want.

The Importance of Laughter

Laughter therapy can also be used to relieve stress and pain at work. Starting a shift with a bit of laughter can help build resiliency and a sense of community among peers working together, and help to keep cortisol from spiraling out of control during patient care if things get difficult. One effective method to inspire laughter throughout a work shift can be the use of a warm-up exercise as a group.