Creating Safe Environments for Employees and Patients Alike


Shelby Chapman
Director of Patient-Family Experience, Children’s Hospital Colorado

Shelby Chapman is the Director of Patient–Family Experience at Children’s Hospital Colorado. She has responsibility for the organization’s patient experience strategy as well the hospital operators; health literacy program; and the Denver-metro visitor management, complaint/grievance, and medical interpretation programs. Read full bio →

Shawna Grissom

Director of Family Services, Children’s Hospital Colorado

Shawna Grissom, M.S., CCLS, CEIM, CPXP is the Director of Family Services at Children’s Hospital Colorado, Colorado Springs. Read full bio →

Exploring the Partnership between Clinical Access and Experience


Mandy Riemer, M.S.W.
Manager, Patient Experience, Children’s Mercy Kansas City

Mandy Riemer, M.S.W., is the Manager, Patient Experience at Children’s Mercy Kansas City. Read full bio →

Ahmed Abdelmoity
Vice President of Clinical Access, Children’s Mercy Kansas City

Ahmed Abdelmoity, M.D., FAAP, FAES, Vice President of Clinical Access at Children’s Mercy Kansas City, earned his medical degree from Cairo University in Egypt. Read full bio →

Be a Mirror, Not a Microphone


Leah Evangelista
Chief Public Affairs Officer, Children’s Hospital Association

Leah Evangelista is the first Chief Public Affairs Officer for Children’s Hospital Association (CHA). Read full bio →

Mindy Adams
Chief Creative Officer, BPD

In the last two decades, Mindy Adams, Chief Creative Officer at BPD, has been creating award-winning stories and experiences in nearly every medium. Read full bio →

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AI and Tech: Friend or Foe of the Healthcare Experience?


Peggy Greco
Chief Patient Experience Officer, Nemours Children’s Health

Dr. Peggy Greco is the Chief Patient Experience Officer for the Nemours Children’s Health enterprise and is based in Jacksonville, FL. Read full bio →

Creating Personalized Patient Experiences in the Pediatric Perioperative Environment


Sean Antosh
Anesthesia Clinical Dir of Special Needs Patient Exp, Dayton Children’s Hospital

Sean Antosh, M.D. is a board-certified pediatric anesthesiologist, the Anesthesia Clinical Director of Special Needs Patient Experience, and the Chief Medical Wellness and Engagement Officer at Dayton Children’s Hospital. Read full bio →

Katelyn Shellabarger
Certified Child Life Specialist, Dayton Children’s Hospital

Katelyn A. Shellabarger, B.A., CCLS, is a Certified Child Life Specialist at Dayton Children’s Hospital. Read full bio →

Exclusive First Look at NRC Health’s 2024 Pediatric Experience Perspective & Trends Report


Toya Gorley
Improvement Advisor, NRC Health

With more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Toya is responsible for working with NRC Health’s premier partners to gain a greater understanding of pain points in real practice, and to develop and deliver improvement resources that help organizations turn aspirations into actions on the front lines.  Read full bio →