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Case Study: Market Insights aids payer in evaluating potential partners

Bright Health provides affordable health insurance for everyday individuals. The company’s mission is to “Make healthcare right. Together.” The business model for Bright Health focuses on what the company calls its exclusive Care Partner Health Plans, whereby they enter into a market in partnership with a single health system. The goal at Bright Health is to collaborate with Care Partners to make healthcare simpler, more personal, and more affordable.

Over the past two years, health insurance payers’ interest in value-based care has significantly increased, and as a result, close partnerships with local health systems have become more important. Although this discussion around the need to meet consumer demands is important, many payers are still behind the curve when it comes to having a complete picture of consumer perceptions. However, for the industry’s most forward-thinking payers, quality outcomes and claims data are only a piece of the puzzle involved in uncovering high-value partners. The organizations that will succeed in this era of consumer-centric care are looking to verified consumer data to complete that puzzle.