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The value of now

The NRC Health Real-time Feedback solution takes you inside the care experience faster than ever before. Immediate insights enable you to impact processes, inspire staff behavioral change, and implement service recovery at the earliest possible stage—your best opportunity to influence loyalty.

No one wants to complete an 80-question survey via mail—or any other mode. Traditional means of collecting feedback from patients yields small and out-of-date samples that often fail to engage physicians and staff or encourage improvement. With NRC Health, you can gain the immediate insights needed to create Human Understanding and discover the story behind every patient.


WellStar, CareMount Medical and Houston Methodist share the value of Real-time

What is Real-time

NRC Health’s Real-time Feedback solution connects with 100 percent of your patients immediately after their experience via email, SMS (text), or phone (IVR). Thanks to natural language processing and open-ended questions, you’ll be able to ask fewer, more targeted questions to increase participation and deliver rich insights that align with your initiatives.


  • Provide timely, robust, targeted data to help remove the barriers keeping your physicians and staff from improving
  • Identify root causes and prioritize efforts to improve the patient experience
  • Act upon emerging trends before they lead to larger problems
  • Perform real-time service recovery for at-risk patients

How does the Real-time Feedback solution work

How-it-works - Real-time Feedback



Five Times More Feedback

An increased sample size validates feedback. 


Feedback in Hours, Not Weeks

Timely feedback enables immediate action. 


100% Outreach

Reach everyone via email, phone (IVR), or SMS (text). 


Improvement Resources 

Coaching videos for all members of the organization and customer collaboratives are available for performance improvement.  


NLP and Sentiment Analysis

Open-ended questions paired with natural language processing mean shorter surveys with richer insights. 


Servicerecovery Workflows

Reach out to survey respondents immediately to rectify sub-optimal experiences. 


CAHPS Integration 

We automatically accommodate your compliance requirements while maximizing your total number of responses.