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Know right away whether or not a patient’s experience was a success—and why.

Real-time feedback from NRC Health takes you inside the patient experience faster than ever before. This immediate insight enables you to impact processes, inspire staff behavior change, and implement service recovery at the earliest possible stage—your best opportunity to influence lasting, positive perception.

Real-time connects with patients via email, SMS (text), or phone (IVR). And, Real-
time integrates seamlessly with other NRC tools—including our CAHPS® solutions—giving you a complete picture that illuminates the totality of the patient’s experience.

Uncover what matters

Real-time feedback can be completely configured to your organization. We work with you to develop targeted questions to surface what matters most to the people you serve.

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Real-time feedback: Top five takeaways


The right time

Real-time captures patient feedback within moments of their experience via email, SMS (text), or phone (IVR).


The right questions

Real-time captures patient perspective through targeted, short-form questions that can change as your needs do.


The complete picture

You’ll receive executive and frontline staff reporting, analytics, and trends updated multiple times each day to reflect all newly collected feedback.


Empower staff with knowledge

Configure dashboards by user and push feedback to frontline staff for immediate behavior reinforcement.


Take action and improve

Automated email service alerts and workflows allow you to review and flag as action is taken.