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Reimagining healthcare: A patient-provider conversation on trust, empathy, and human-centered care

Watch this engaging and thought-provoking webcast as we delve into the world of healthcare from a patient and provider's point of view. In this interactive session, we explored the pressing questions and concerns that patients have about their experiences with the physicians and healthcare systems. Our guests discussed the crucial elements of building a strong patient-physician relationship, address the changes needed in the healthcare system, and envision a brighter future for healthcare through the eyes of both the patient and provider.

Advancing HUB23 | Strategies for the real world

Watch this webcast as we highlight some of the best strategies and insights to come out of HUB23. NRC Health hosts Gregory Makoul, Chief Transformation Officer, and Ryan Donohue, Strategic Advisor, will discuss some of our amazing presentations and share ways to humanize care, empower caregivers, and restore the human connection between patient and provider.

Restoring loyalty: What’s driving our patients away?

Watch as we showcase the driving factors that interrupt loyalty and keep our patients from connecting to us before, during, and after care. And discover the surprising ideas and tactics that can reverse the loyalty dip and restore the relationship between caregiver and care receiver.

Moving the HCAHPS Needle

Watch this webcast as Susan Edgman-Levitan, PA, Executive Director, John D. Stoeckle Center for Primary Care Innovation at Massachusetts General Hospital, and Greg Makoul, PhD, MS, Chief Transformation Officer at NRC Health, help you take a broader view of HCAHPS through the lens of elevating experience in everyday practice.
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