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85% of Kansas nursing home residents satisfied with quality of life

KDADS reported the numbers after taking measures of the quality of care for its residents to examine how to best drive organizational improvements, increase engagement, and garner long-term loyalty. Overall, 87% of Kansas state nursing home residents rate their living situational as satisfactory. Results of the latest KDADS study that found that a majority (86%) of senior care residents and their family members would actually recommend their care experience to others, further underscoring the disparity between perception and reality of senior... July 8, 2019

Highlights from the inaugural PatientX Summit

The inaugural PatientX Summit, powered by Hackensack Meridian Health and NRC Health, welcomed attendees with a common objective: gain a better understanding of how to improve the patient experience through an enhanced connection with healthcare providers and patients. It was an honor to host this forum, and to give leaders like you the chance to come together and devise solutions to healthcare’s most pressing problems. July 3, 2019

Loyalty Program Develops Strong Relationships with Patients at BayCare Health System

Today's consumers expect the same transparency, convenience and personalization from their health care providers that they receive from retailers and banks. And that's not happening, according to Brian Wynne, vice president and general manager of NRC Health in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Edward Rafalski, Ph.D., senior vice president and chief strategy and marketing officer of BayCare Health System in Clearwater, Florida.  June 27, 2019

The Case For Greater Consumer Centricity In Hospital Star Ratings

Today’s healthcare consumers are looking for a better, more customer-centric experience. Regardless of whether CMS ultimately decides to make changes to its star ratings system, consumers will benefit from a better understanding of the methodologies behind ratings systems like this one, and how they may be contrary to consumers’ preconceived expectations of star ratings. As the healthcare industry overall moves toward a more consumerist model, improving the patient experience will continue to be the focus of healthcare organizations everywhere... June 26, 2019

Executive Q&A with Dennis W. Pullin, President and CEO at Virtua Health System

Virtua Health’s mission is to help people “be well, get well, stay well.” As Dennis W. Pullin, FACHE, the organization’s president and CEO, states, “You can’t follow through with that mission without treating the whole patient first.” Following that logic, Virtua has implemented programs that extend far beyond traditional health care. Examples include a hair salon for cancer patients and a mobile farmers market to address food insecurity. We interviewed Pullin about his guiding principles and how he is... June 24, 2019