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NRC Health Names Winners of 2019 Excellence Awards

Winners of the Excellence Awards were chosen based on achievement status in categories that patients feel most impactful to their quality of care, with the winning hospitals separated into different categories. All winners showcase a premier commitment to achieving greater understanding and for successfully creating experiences before, during, and after care that meet the needs of today’s savvy consumers. August 15, 2019

NRC Health Announces Second-Annual Consumer Loyalty Awards Winners

Nearly 500 hospitals qualified for the Consumer Loyalty Awards by receiving 150 or more Top of Mind mentions during the national survey. The hospitals and health systems that made the final list scored in the 75th percentile across the seven components of NRC Health’s Loyalty Index, while the top 10 “best-in-class” winners include hospitals and health systems from both small and large markets across the U.S. Hospital of The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia was the only organization to... August 15, 2019

Improving employee engagement by 5%: Mary Greeley Medical Center in pursuit of greater excellence

MGMC’s leadership wasn’t satisfied and looked for ways to take their level of excellence a step further.  They turned to NRC Health’s workforce engagement tools and improved their employee engagement scores even further by decreasing attrition, increasing patient experience scores, and reconnecting their people to their organizational values and to each other. August 9, 2019

How to use NPS in healthcare: A primer from MU Health Care’s CXO

The case for using Net Promoter Score (NPS) is compelling. To make effective use of it in a healthcare setting, Gwin advises three important tactics. Talking about Promoters, Detractors, and Passives brings NPS to the forefront of everyone’s concerns. It builds unity around earning consumer loyalty, which ultimately translates into more effective—and more empathic—care. August 8, 2019

Dr. Gary Kaplan to Present Keynote at The Governance Institute’s October Leadership Conference

The Governance Institute’s October 2019 Leadership Conference will bring together board members, CEOs, senior executives, physician leaders, general counsels, other healthcare professionals, and industry-leading healthcare governance experts from across the nation to learn, discuss, debate, and network on challenging issues facing today’s hospital and health system boards. August 5, 2019