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Transparency best practices: A conversation with Andy Ibbotson

Transparency is also extremely important for healthcare branding: 77% of patients begin their search for a new provider online, and almost all of them want to see verified reviews from other patients before they’ll book an appointment. By enabling organizations to publish verified patient reviews on their own websites, NRC Health’s Transparency solution gives health systems a way to proactively manage their brand, and to offer the content patients want to see. July 15, 2019

Connecting with pediatric patients: Four things to learn from “The Dancing Doc”

“The Dancing Doc” made headlines for boogying with the kids at CHOC Children’s. Tony’s dancing delights those kids, as well as their parents. It builds a meaningful connection that otherwise might never have taken shape.“Treating things medically is our training—it’s the easy part,” Tony said in an interview with Good Morning America. “It takes something different to connect on a personal level.” July 10, 2019

85% of Kansas nursing home residents satisfied with quality of life

KDADS reported the numbers after taking measures of the quality of care for its residents to examine how to best drive organizational improvements, increase engagement, and garner long-term loyalty. Overall, 87% of Kansas state nursing home residents rate their living situational as satisfactory. Results of the latest KDADS study that found that a majority (86%) of senior care residents and their family members would actually recommend their care experience to others, further underscoring the disparity between perception and reality of senior... July 8, 2019

Highlights from the inaugural PatientX Summit

The inaugural PatientX Summit, powered by Hackensack Meridian Health and NRC Health, welcomed attendees with a common objective: gain a better understanding of how to improve the patient experience through an enhanced connection with healthcare providers and patients. It was an honor to host this forum, and to give leaders like you the chance to come together and devise solutions to healthcare’s most pressing problems. July 3, 2019

Loyalty Program Develops Strong Relationships with Patients at BayCare Health System

Today's consumers expect the same transparency, convenience and personalization from their health care providers that they receive from retailers and banks. And that's not happening, according to Brian Wynne, vice president and general manager of NRC Health in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Edward Rafalski, Ph.D., senior vice president and chief strategy and marketing officer of BayCare Health System in Clearwater, Florida.  June 27, 2019