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Implementing Patient-Centered Quality Metrics in Medicaid Plans

In Tennessee's state Medicaid program, designing patient-centered quality metrics was essential for improving care and patient satisfaction. As the healthcare industry continues to embrace value-based payment models that reimburse based on care quality and patient satisfaction, state Medicaid plans are beginning to follow suit. January 23, 2019

Executive Q&A with Preston Gee, VP of Strategic Marketing, CHRISTUS Health

Healthcare executives have long recognized the importance of patient loyalty. What’s less clear is how to cultivate it. Building a coalition of enthusiastic customers requires a broad, expansive approach in relating to them. This can be a challenge, given the industry’s unique constraints and the sporadic patterns of healthcare consumption. Preston Gee, Vice President of Strategic Marketing at CHRISTUS Health, shares some of his insights on what attracts customers and what keeps them loyal. January 16, 2019